Web designing is the process of conceptualizing, planning and developing ideas of a person. Spark mind seeks into different aspects of client’s idea and tries to collect all the ideas and information together and works on the design which suits best of that design. Our web designers have a clear awareness about the usability of the websites and guidelines relating to web accessibility. Our developers provide services regarding updating the websites.

Our designers create web sites which can be easily understood by the clients and their customers. Before designing a web site our designer sits with client to know what their requirement is. Our designers make a site attractive by using appropriate images and animations.

Creating a brand means creating an identity for the company. Each identity reveals how a company is different from their competitors. Likewise each Logo is unique for every company. Therefore logo should be creative and attractive which delivers the identity of the company. Spark mind itself have a unique identity in the industry. And the designers of spark mind are creative and dynamic as well as capable enough to design a logo which is creative as well as attractive.

A logo portrait a company’s face and it helps the company to stand out from other companies in the same field. Spark mind create logos which gives your firm an identity which makes you unique and different. A company is identified in the market by its logo.

Each company’s product is identified by its packets. An attractive or creative packet draws more and more customers to the products. An attractive design of a packet, portrait that the product is of high quality. The perception of a customer regarding quality of product is based on appealing packets. Each company wanted to introduce a new product with a new packet design. And for designing the packets creatively and in attractive way the final name will of “spark mind”.

Spark mind is specialized in creating packets which reveals the quality of the products. As well as spark mind designs packets which are unique and simple. The packet which is designed by spark mind will meet the expectation of our clients as well as their end customers.

Brochures are advertising pieces which is used as informative document which introduces a company or organization and it also gives an idea about their products & services. Spark mind creates beautiful and creative materials which gives full idea about the products and services of the company to the target audiences. Spark mind creates simple designs which gives full information regarding the company and at the same which won’t b monotonous for the audiences.

Spark mind design brochures with attractive templates and images which gives the target audience a clear idea about the business. The designs and images selected by the designers can be monitored and suggested by the client themselves.

We are professional creative design company based in Cochin,India. We specialize in best-in-class website design, online marketing, Flash multimedia, corporate identity and print graphics.

06. SEO
Internet is a large window through which any one can expose their business to the world. SEO is the process of improving your website ranking in search engine results, locally in Kerala as well as internationally. It improves the scope and visibility of your website and there by increasing your business. SEO is one of the best online advertising or marketing techniques. This differs from industry to industry and there might be industry which gets its online marketing benefits from techniques other than SEO. Search Engine Optimization is considered to be one of the cheapest and affordable form of online advertising methods as it does not require to spend money on a regular basis. Once you do SEO properly, you will get its benefits for some time without spending anything extra.

Visual media has always been the most effective when it comes to capturing the audience’s attention. Promotional film making consists of both ad and corporate film making. An ad film or a corporate film promotes a company by bringing ideas, products or services to the attention of customers in the most effective way.

We start by understanding your business, your products & service, your target customer’s profile and your objective for developing a corporate film. Thereafter, we go about the business of actually making the Ad Films, TVC or Corporate Films. Our strict management methods ensure that you are informed through each step of the process and your valuable suggestions taken care of.